Sunday, January 23, 2011

Greasy Soup? Brown Walls?

There's something are two things I don't understand: how can soup be greasy, and why would anyone paint their walls brown? Out of all the colours you could pick, why brown?

I know it covers up dirt. But that just means that it looks dirty all the time. And it's not that hard to clean a wall. Unless you're a really, really dirty person. Or you believe that the only way to see if spaghetti is cooked is by lobbing it at the wall.

As for soup being greasy, that's just gross. I mean, what do you have to put in a liquid to make it greasy? How much fat or oil or butter (essentially the same thing) are you consuming in greasy soup? You shouldn't need a napkin for your fingers after eating soup. Just saying.

That's it. Short post about absolutely nothing this time. Deal with it.

(N.B. There are lots of other things I don't understand, other than these two, but these seemed the most immediate right now.)

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