Friday, December 18, 2009

Canada to Harper: Remember Us?

So the Copenhagen talks accomplished nothing. Have you seen their current draft?

Basically, what they have officially decided is that they think it's a good idea to do something about climate change. They will support initiatives and set targets, but they will not set deadlines or make any commitments. Harper is on the wrong side of all the issues, and Obama is too concerned with having control over China's economy to make any promises. The EU won't promise more than a 20% reduction in carbon emissions (compared to 1990 levels), because they are annoyed about other countries not doing their share. So basically everyone wants someone else to take responsibility.

In regards to the attempt at a people's assembly outside the building where the meetings took place, I think that some people are accusing the police of more brutality than they actually used. Now, obviously, people beating people is never a good thing, but the demonstrators did try to break through the police line onto territory where they were not allowed to go. On the other hand, the Youtube videos show that excessive force was used in many cases. It seems to mostly be one policeman who beats people with his baton even when they are putting their hands up in surrender and doing what they're told.

The upside (I guess) is that no country will be policed by another country to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. Officially, that is. Like I said, Obama will not commit to giving funds to help reduce emissions until China becomes more "transparent" whatever that means. It's one of those catchy words politicians like to throw around these days.

In other news, Omar Khadr is being transferred to a federal US prison in Illinois. I think it's Illinois. Anyway, basically this now 23-year-old Canadian will not be sent home for his trial. The guy was arrested when he was 15 for crying out loud. I think he has served his sentence.

Also, he was arrested for killing an American officer of some sort in Afghanistan. He allegedly threw a grenade at him during a US military attack on a village. Some say he was a child soldier. Others say he knew nothing about his father's alleged terrorist activities. Either way, the UN Human Rights Declaration is being violated as well as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that he must be brought home. Amnesty International, the Canadian Bar Association and several others have lobbied for his extradition, but the Canadian government refuses to comply with its own Charter.

He might be guilty and he might not be. That's not the issue. The issue is twofold: 1) he was a juvenile at the time of his arrest, something the Canadian government has decided to ignore, and 2) he is a Canadian citizen who should be extradited back to his home country.

Sigh. When is this idiot Prime Minister gonna be replaced with someone who cares about his country? Can we have another vote of non-confidence?

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