Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So This Is What Democracy Looks Like

With a majority government voted in by less than forty percent of Canadians, I feel like the math I learned in school is somehow flawed. But I know it's not. The system is.

Time for electoral reform. It took me this long to understand how much is wrong with the current system, but now I'm fully on board. Alternative vote, proportional representation, democratic reform. The UK may be breaking ground on the 5th. Let's hope they do. If they do, they may set a precedent for other countries, especially those in the Commonwealth.

Canada's politics are so archaic compared to Europe. That's why so many people are apathetic about it. They know the system doesn't work right, that if they vote their vote might not even have an effect.

I wonder what the next four years (and more?) are going to look like, with polarized politics, an Opposition that can't hold the Government accountable, and a Prime Minister who acts like he owns the place - which he kind of does now.

Time to move to Liberia.

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